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In the Gallery:

Kintsugi: Healing Cracked Spaces

Exhibit: Kintsugi: Healing Cracked Spaces Featuring the artwork of Brigitte Carnochan, Daniel Miller, Tim Rice and Leah Virsik

Location: PhotoCentral Gallery, Lower Level, Hayward Area Park and Recreation District Offices, 1099 E Street, Hayward, California, 94544

Dates: June 17 to August 17, 2017

Reception: Saturday, June 17, 2-5 pm

Gallery Talk: Tuesday, June 27, 7-9 pm

Lower Gallery Hours: Monday, 5-10 pm; Tuesday and Thursday, 10 am-1 pm or by appointment.
Upper Gallery Hours: Monday 9 am-10 pm, Tuesday-Friday 9-5pm
or by appointment

Contact Person: Geir Jordahl, 510-881-6721, info@photocentral.org

Hayward Area Recreation District’s PhotoCentral presents Kintsugi: Healing Cracked Spaces featuring the artwork of Brigitte Carnochan, Daniel Miller, Tim Rice and Leah Virsik. The four artists in Kintsugi use process to reveal life’s mysteries.
Brigitte Carnochan uses personal specificities to create universal narratives. Her work explores survival and loss by reconstructing history. She explores the cracks in life that make us human where share commonalities of love, loss, and healing. Daniel Miller uses Instagram postings and personal narrative to share the tribulations of fate and family history in the face of past and present tragedy. Overall the work is about survival and overcoming odds. Tim Rice creates canvases with atmospheric qualities that quietly demand us to feel. Sometimes brooding, at times moody but always dimensional his pieces are kinesthetic and entropic while suggesting the orderly systems of organic experience. Leah Virsik’s work suggests narratives and healing structures in assemblages and associations. Her pieces are intimate and physical inviting the viewer to engage and touch. Through tactile interactions, Virsik encourages us to become involved in her process. Her juxtapositions and fragments in her work combine to become a greater whole in our own personal narratives.
There will be a public reception on Saturday, June 17 from 2-5 pm. The event is free, and the public is invited. Thre is also a gallery talk on Tuesday, June 27 from 7-9 pm. There is the exhibition continues through August 17.
The PhotoCentral Gallery is located at 1099 E Street, Hayward, California and is open Monday from 5 pm -10 pm, Tuesday and Thursday from 10 am-1 pm and by appointment. PhotoCentral offers quality artwork in its gallery and outstanding facilities for the dedicated photographic artist with classes, workshops, darkrooms and a matting facility. Expand your creativity in a supportive community! Visit PhotoCentral today.
For more information, please contact PhotoCentral at 510-881-6721 and info@photocentral.org. Visit PhotoCentral on the web at http://www.photocentral.org where you will find information on classes, workshops, and other events.

Brigitte Carnochan

Daniel Miller

Tim Rice

Leah Virsik

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PhotoCentral Gallery
1099 E Street, Hayward CA 94541
For more information
Email: info@photocentral.org


NEW BOOK: Getting to Know the Map- Forty Years of Photography: Geir and Kate Jordahl

Geir Jordahl and Kate Jordahl have been photographing and working with the photographic image for the past forty years. "Getting to know the map" will feature their images and projects which have been shaped by decades of exploring, studying, traveling and teaching. The book will explore two shared lives in photography in images and stories.

Pre-orders for the "Getting to Know the Map" are being taken now! Last chance to get book with print with at special pre-order price. Delivery in June!

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PhotoCentral Director, Geir Jordahl, has a book
Geir Jordahl's book "Searching for True North" is available. Edited by Kate Jordahl it has won a number of awards. See details at http://www.searchingfortruenorth.com


Kate Jordahl's book with Dreaming Mind, "Song Within" is now available for purchase.

Preview the book here.

Conversation Series: Song Within from Kate Jordahl on Vimeo.

And, Kate's new project - one poem books


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