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PhotoCentral was founded by Geir and Kate Jordahl in 1983. Under their direction, classes and workshops are taught by outstanding photographers and teachers who bring specialized knowledge and enthusiasm to our community. From beginning camera operation to advanced techniques, PhotoCentral classes develop inspiration in photographic seeing!

Go to the Hayward Recreation District Site for

Photo Classes/Workshops

This will bring you to "QuickReg: Programs." Click on "Adult," then on "Photography." This will let you browse current PhotoCentral Classes. There may be more than one page! The navigation on bottom of the page will let you forward to the next page.

Some classes will have a facility/material fee added when you check out.

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To activate your online registration, you must obtain your username and pin# by calling 510-881-6700.   Then go to http://online.activenetwork.com/haywardrec to register.

Download the Hayward Area Recreation and Park District Brochure HERE.

Questions: PhotoCentral, 510-881-6721, info@photocentral.org
Hayward Area Park and Recreation District Office, 510-881-6700




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